The Eve Tree

Molly Boscelli, a goat farmer in the hills of Humboldt County, California, is fighting a forest fire with sheer force of will. She and her husband, Jack, inherited the ranch from Molly's mother Catherine, ten years ago. For Molly the time has been a long slope of resentment, but the approaching fire is taking everything she knows and dumping it on its head.

Molly's mother and grown children come to help with the evacuation efforts, and as Molly begins to unravel, Catherine and Jack are forced into their own contemplation of what the fire means. The family sifts through its history as the fire draws nearer, bringing Molly to a frenzied state, ready to take action in defending her ranch.

This is a book about breaking and healing, about land and protection, about marriage and family, grief and hope.

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